We make
IT Services easy

We believe right people can deliver better results.

Company overview

We are Andor Tech, focussed on providing best-in-class IT services. We partner with industry leaders and help them deliver quality products/ services on time. We believe that right people can deliver better results.

While we do provide the resources on-demand, we also ensure that
  • The resources are of the best quality.
  • Resourced skills are a good match for your requirements.
  • Resources are well trained and managed to adapt to the work and cultural practices of the customers organization.
  • The work environment is supported by process and policy frame work that incorporates the global best practices, customer IP protection needs, local regulatory and work laws. Above all transparent and ethical practices.
  • The physical work environment has the redundancies built at several layers for all the important components like: Network connectivity, Power and Physical security.
  • The organization, delivery models and practices are as transparent and financially predicable as possible.
  • Above all, we work with the customer as a partner and advise the right course of action as appropriate with regard to the resources, delivery mechanism and coordination.

Team of Experts

Industry experts with extensive knowledge

Srini Jasti
Chief Executive Officer

Srini is the Founder and CEO of Andor Tech. An alumnus of IIT KGP, Srini has over 20 years of experience in Information technology in general and IT Infrastructure & Application management in particular. Having worked in US, Europe and India, Srini brings global perspective to assessing and meeting the customer's needs.

Pradeep Kumar
Head, People Management

Pradeep is the head of the human resources development at Andor Tech.Most recently Pradeep has been the head of recruitment at VeriSign India, supporting the APAC region. Prior to that, Pradeep helped build 250 member team of LightSurf India by building industry and academic relationships for sustained talent acquisition.